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Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing Clinic

Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing Clinic
Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing Clinic
Physiotherapy for people with neurological conditions, persistent pain, and people with balance issues. 1:1 physio led pietas-yoga and small group sessions. Coaching for people with and without physical health problems to increase wellbeing.

Neurological Physiotherapy treats problems associated with neurological conditions, these include: spasticity; muscle weakness; problems with fine motor control (such as doing up buttons); walking and balance.

Benefits of Neurological Physiotherapy include improved: balance; co-ordination; walking; movement control; independence; confidence; and decreased pain and muscle tightness.

Physiotherapy for persistent pain can decrease pain and aid self management, build strength and exercise tolerance, get people back to hobbies and activities they may have stopped. Education about the neurophysiology of pain is an important part of persistent pain physiotherapy.

Meditation, coaching, yoga and pilates are integrated into treatment as part of a whole person approach.

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